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As IJR recently reported:

The Jewish state has long held a “special relationship” with the United States, however that relationship has been put under immense strain by the Obama administration's controversial policies toward Israel. The outgoing administration has regularly clashed with the leaders of the Jewish State, demanding territorial concessions to the Hamas-led Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, bluntly snubbing Netanyahu in the White House, brokering the deeply unpopular Iran Nuclear Deal behind Israel's back.

The administration has also refusing to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, a huge victory for the Palestinian State which lays claim to the Holy City.

Last week, the Obama administration refused to block, and perhaps helped write, an anti-Israel resolution in the U.N. The move was met with fierce bipartisan condemnation from both an alarmed Congress and American Jewish community.

To explain the move, Secretary of State John Kerry leveled a scorched earth condemnation of the current Israeli government and its settlement policies. He then said this:

As IJR mentioned in November, the Obama administration has left scholars asking if Israel-US relations have reached a new low. What do you think?

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