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Image Credit: Facebook

This is Gary. Earlier this week Gary stumbled upon a bag filled with an expensive new suit and other goods in a phone booth.

According to the Daily Mail, he immediate contacted the store where the suit was purchased and returned the items.

Here’s the catch: Gary is homeless. He could’ve used or sold the goods to afford food and other things he needs to get by.

As soon as the owner of the suit, Lewis Roberts, learned about Gary’s good deed, he posted his news on Facebook.

He asked his friends if anyone knew where Gary could find a job in a kitchen.

“He’s also a chef if anyone knows where he can find employment.”

Thousands of people liked and shared his post, prompting local members of the community to create a Go Fund Me page and a Facebook page.

In just four days, the campaign has raised more than double its original goal of around $2,500.

According to a video uploaded by Darren Galvin, the man who started the Go Fund Me and Facebook page, Gary has been humbled by the responses.

“It’s all been overwhelming … he wants a bit of time to get his nutrition up ... But he’s already put plans in place to help combat homelessness.”

Gary wants to work to get even more homeless people off the streets. He's even offered to cook dinner for the people who helped him while he was down on his luck.

Now surrounded by people who want to see him succeed, Gary has appeared to have traded in a shopping bag and received a chance to start again.

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