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Ronda Rousey hasn't been in the ring for over a year.

During her last fight, the presumptive queen of the UFC was beaten by Holly Holm, giving Rousey her first defeat.

Rousey, who was KO'ed in the second round, eventually agreed to fight Amanda Nunes, the women's bantamweight champion.

She trained at an intense level to prepare for the fight:

The big night came on Friday. Rousey got in the ring with Nunes.

Conditioned to her peak and full of confidence, she went at it with the current champion.

Yet, Nunes took out Rousey in under a minute.

The champion delivered precision and grace with a series of merciless blows that completely demolished Rousey's defense and left her with little in the way of offense.

Speaking to the press after the fight, the Brazilian champ thanked Rousey for her enormous contributions to the UFC but stressed that it's her time now, not Rousey's, via CNN:

“Before I walked out, (my team) talked, and this moment was my moment. (Rousey) had her time, she did a lot for the sport. I thank Ronda Rousey. But right now, I showed I'm the champion and I'm here to stay.”

Brutal doesn't even begin describe the beating Nunes gave Rousey:

The fight was predominately billed as being Rousey's opportunity to reassert her dominance in the UFC after having it taken away by her surprising defeat to Holm.

She'd taken a break from fighting since then, seeming to become more of a pop cultural figure than a fighter.

At this time, it's unclear what Rousey's next steps will be as a professional fighter.

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