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Lindsay Lohan has been in show business for a long time, and over the years, she's become known more for her bizarre behavior than for her acting.

So while it seemed to come out of nowhere, the actress' weird, incomprehensible (anti?) war poem which she posted to Instagram—then removed, then re-posted—isn't exactly a surprise.

The 30-year-old “Mean Girls” star posted the strange bit of verse to Instagram in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, with the short description of “L book - truth is being honest.”

What follows is...interesting.

🙏 LL book - truth is being honest. #GiveBack

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While it's not entirely clear what the poem's supposed to mean, it seems to have something to do with refugees in Syria, and the state of the Middle East in general:

“Sometimes I hear the voice of the one I loved the most. But in this world we live in on terror.”

The subject matter isn't completely out of the blue for Lohan, really. She recently announced plans to return to Turkey, where she spent time last year assisting doctors and other aide workers with Syrian refugees who had been flooding into the country from their war-torn homeland.


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Nonetheless, with the poem's rampant misspellings, mysterious use of the British spelling of “realise,” and allusions to various people and things which are never clearly explained, Lohan goes beyond the normal opacity of stream-of-consciousness writing.

Here, she describes a bout with insomnia, in which she ponders a desire to rehabilitate ISIS members, while at the same time, asking herself some hard questions...maybe?

“I try to understand when I'm sitting in bed at 3am.......I cannot help but want to fix all of these idle Isis minds...Who i am to be the girl who is scared and hurt, when most things that happen i cannot explain.”

Lohan also attempts to comment on apathy and- possibly- the isolation from the rest of the world that the media forces upon the individual...maybe? She also employs the unconventional “than” spelling of “then”:

“Than i realise, at least I am in a bed. I am still alive. So what can really be said? Just go to bed and close the blinds.”

Lohan, who, in keeping with her fixation on the Middle East, recently celebrated New Year's Eve at Dubai's Zero Gravity club, does seem to have good intentions, as her 56 million Instagram followers seem to understand, for the most part.

Some commenters on the post were less than charitable, however, such as Instagram user “pamsiek”:

"If this was written by a victim I'd feel something. However this has been written by a privileged celeb that spends most of their time taking selfies and pampering themselves at the beach 🙄.

You will never know the pain and suffering of even normal working class let alone victims of war. This is just fact. If I see you pictured next to victims of war or in a mix of refugees helping. If I see you take in some refugees into your own home I'll have respect for you.

Until then keep on sunning yourself whilst trying to gain popularity at the expense of the needy!"

Blessed by beautiful hearts and wonderful people with souls of gold 🙏🇦🇪🙏🇦🇪🙏🇦🇪🙏

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One commenter even seemed to indicate knowledge that Lohan was working on a book of poetry. “biancarusso25” writes:

“Can't wait to read all of it. Hope you're having a great day!”

We can't either...

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