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Megyn Kelly got misty-eyed as she talked to viewers about leaving her long-time news home in one of her last segments on the network.

Kelly, who joined Fox News in 2004, discussed spending more time to form a “human connection” with her three young children at home—who she said are “seven, five and three years old.”

Kelly talked in glowing terms about looking forward to her new network: NBC News. She employed some intriguing turns of phrase, given her conflict with fellow anchors, sexual harassment dispute with former Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, and attacks from Trump supporters unhappy with her treatment of the President-Election,

The Daily Beast picked up on Kelly's interesting phrasing:

Confirming that she will leave Fox News at the end of this week, with her last show planned for Friday, Kelly pointedly stated that she will be joining the “journalists” at NBC News whom she “deeply admires.” She will host to a to-be-determined daytime news program in addition to a 60 Minutes-style news magazine show on Sunday nights.

The Kelly File's last Fox News broadcast is slated for January 6th.

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