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On Tuesday, December 27th, the world lost one its most beloved silver screen icons when 60-year-old Carrie Fisher died due to complications following a heart attack.

A day later, Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, a legend in film and television herself, died at home where her son Todd Fisher was caring for her. She was 84 years old.

Now, recordings of the 911 calls that occurred just before the mother and daughter passed away have been released— and they're harrowing.

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TMZ obtained a recording of Fisher's 911 call from United Airlines after Fisher suffered a heart attack on the flight. They also obtained Reynolds' 911 call.

During Fisher's call, a person can be heard calling from United Airlines headquarters talking about an incoming flight from London.

The caller says the flight is close to landing and that LAX should be prepared to handle a medical emergency when it does.

Quiet desperation can be heard in the caller's voice as she warns that the flight will be landing much sooner than expected:

“It'll be on the ground in ten minutes.”

In the Reynolds recording, Todd Fisher is heard speaking to a 911 dispatcher.

Audibly panicked and distressed, he doesn’t respond to questions regarding Reynolds’ condition, such as whether she is awake or if she has a heartbeat:

A nurse is then put on the phone, who tells the dispatcher that she'd just taken Reynolds' blood pressure.

But the call gets disconnected as soon the police arrive and before the nurse can say any more.

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According to ABC News, Fisher and Reynolds will be given a joint private memorial service in Los Angeles on Thursday. A public memorial for the two is also being planned.

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Mother and daughter will be buried next to each other at Forrest Lawn Cemetery in Burbank, CA., writes TMZ.

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