It's set to be the biggest march in Washington, D.C., against Trump.

The Women's March on Washington will bring out an expected 200,000 protesters and slated for the day after the Presidential Inauguration.

A gaffe by The Washington Post's “Express” about the march is becoming a source of amusement for many.

It's probably not a good time for a newspaper to be kicking the hornet's nest of feminist fury with an ill-timed frontpage screwup, but, that's exactly what Express did.

Let's see if you can spot the immediate problem here.

Look again, in case it's not obvious.

Hmm, still not getting it?

Alright, with no further ado...


How far did this mistake travel?

While others with a sharp eye nailed the reaction of the editors upon realizing what they've done.

The publication swiftly apologized. But that didn't stop the onslaught.

Glass-half-full types saw it as a job opportunity.

Express attempted to make amends with a revised cover.

Mmmm, still not good enough for the Internet.

Facebook comments were apparently deleted.

But Twitter wasn't so easy to handle. Shutterstock brought the noise.


There some who were quick to forgive.

And a few people thought this made Express even more “progressive.”

Charts were provided.

A bit of historical deep-diving.

But the hammer had to be dropped.

Express has no plans to delete its Twitter account. But after it checks its responses from the feminists at the Women's March on Washington, it might have second thoughts.

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