Dad Thought He Lost His Wife and Newborn Baby During Birth— Until He Looked Down

| JAN 11, 2017 | 6:45 PM

It’s been seven years since a family in Colorado almost lost a mom and a baby within minutes of each other. But Mike Hermanstorfer remembers it like it was yesterday.

Mike was in the hospital standing by his wife, Tracy, while she gave birth to their third child, when her heart stopped. Tracy had gone into cardiac arrest. According to KKTV, the doctors did everything they could to revive her. They eventually decided perform a Cesarean section to save the baby.

As Mike waited in horror, he hoped that at least one of the family members would come out alive. But after they took the baby out of the womb, nurses realized that he had a very weak heartbeat; it was not a good sign for newborn baby Coltyn.

The grieving father stood in the hospital, holding the limp body of his son, when the doctor told him it was time to say goodbye to his wife.


Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Mike said he looked down at Coltyn:

“[That’s] when he took his very first breath, he was in my hands.”

Coltyn started breathing, and his heartbeat quickened. Moments later, Tracy's started beating. Both mom and baby had made a miraculous recovery.


Since then, medical theories have come and gone as to how Tracy was able to recover from her near death experience. Some thought it was related to the anesthetic or heart disease, but none of the theories have held up.

On the seventh anniversary of Coltyn's birth, the family celebrated with a game of bowling. The family of five has been through some rough patches. Mike lost his job after the baby was born because he was taking care of his family, reports AP.


Coltyn doesn't quite understand how to comprehend the story of his birth yet. He said during the interview with KKTV:

“It kinda scares me when I talk about that.”

But the first-grade student does recognize that his family’s story has been catapulted to popular status, with hundreds of articles and dozens of television interviews on his birth recovery. Coltyn even uses his ‘miracle’ baby title at home as a way to get out of chores sometimes, claims his mom.

Tracy Hermanstorfer/Independent Journal Review

One thing the family has learned is not to lose hope. Mike said:

“I want people out there that ever have second thoughts or ever have doubts about anything to realize that miracles do happen. Don't ever give up.”

During an interview with Independent Journal Review, Tracy said she's become a better parent as a result of the birth of her third son:

“Today I have some more patience with my kids and enjoy every minute of it.”

This year, they say they want to remind people to cherish the moments spent with family; their story is a perfect example that miracles do happen.