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While appearing on MSNBC's “The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell,” filmmaker Michael Moore addressed the “100 Days of Resistance” plan, beginning with Day One: the Women's March on Washington planned for January 21st.

“Not the day of the Inauguration; it's the day after. It's sort of the first full day of the Trump Era.”

He then went on to explain its purpose:

"Well, first of all, Trump gets upset if there's 10 people outside Trump Tower; he tweets about it. 'Unfair.' The first day after he wins. He won. Then he goes, 'protestors down on the street.' There's like 10 people. 'Unfair.' [,,,]

It's like, what's he gonna think if there's 100,000 or 500,00? [...] It's so important that we all, everyone who can go there, go there. [...]

This will have an effect. We have to throw everything at this. This man is slightly unhinged, if I can say that, and he’s a malignant narcissist. He cares very much what people think of him. He wants to be the popular guy. He’s going to be very upset if there’s a lot of people there.”

Political commentator and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has a list of the agenda for the “100 Days of Resistance” plan on his website and took part in a video addressing the specifics.

A few of the action highlights from the 12-point list include:

1. Get your senators and representatives to pledge to oppose Trump’s agenda. Reject his nominees, prolong the process of approving them, draw out hearings on legislation. Call your senator and your representative and don’t stop calling.


3. Make your city and state sanctuaries that won’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities in deporting undocumented immigrants, especially people who have been here since they were very young.


9. Push progressive causes at your state and local level – environmental reform, progressive taxes, a higher minimum wage, ending gerrymandering, stopping mass incarceration. Make your state a model of what the federal government should do.

10. Start a move in your state to abolish the electoral college by committing your state’s electors to vote for the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote.

The “100 Days of Resistance” is a counter to Trump's plan for his first 100 days in office, which was presented to the American public in October under the title of “Donald Trump's Contract with the American Voter.”

Trump's plan includes term limits for congress, bans on lobbyists, diverting money earmarked for U.N. climate change programs to instead “fix America's water and environmental infrastructure,” middle-class tax relief, and school choice programs.

Watch the 100 Days of Resistance video below:

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