Mom Goes to Spa to Save Herself the ‘Heartache’ of Listening to Baby Cry While Being Sleep-Trained

| JAN 11, 2017 | 5:09 PM

Katy Landrum is no stranger to the sleepless nights a new baby brings.

As she explains to Redbook Magazine, Katy remembers the night her friend Lisa came over to her house and commented on the bags under Katy's eyes. Acknowledging that Katy's first child was just five months old, Lisa explained how she had hired a “sleep trainer” to help with her two kids.

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This was the first time Katy had ever heard of someone hiring another person to sleep-train their children:

"Lisa took one look at the bags under my eyes and said, 'It's time, Katy.' That night, she held my hand while my daughter cried for 45 minutes. It was absolutely gut-wrenching to not run to comfort her.

Over a bottle of white wine, Lisa insisted, 'Sleep training works. Babies really can sleep through the night at this age.' With her support and the encouragement of my husband, we successfully got my daughter sleeping through the night after a few days."

Two years later, when Katy gave birth to a son, Bo, her husband pointed out how beneficial sleep training Bo might be for the whole family.

While Kate agreed, she also remembered how gut-wrenching it was to hear her child crying herself to sleep. That's when Katy remembered the “brilliant” advice Lisa had given her.

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Katy tell Redbook that her night nurse referred her to a friend and “seasoned sleep trainer.” She explains further:

“At $30 an hour, bringing a professional in to manage the process seemed like a no-brainer. It's so painful for me to listen to my babies cry, and I knew I didn't have the strength to do it again.”

With their pediatricians blessing, they decided to move forward:

“So, I booked myself and my husband a little getaway in Ojai [spa]. I didn't want to be in earshot of Bo's weeping. Treating ourselves to a restful retreat meant we could try to enjoy ourselves instead of dwelling on what was taking place at home.”

As 3-month-old Bo was being sleep-trained, Katy and her husband were spending a night alone with each other at a spa.

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The mom of two admits that she got cold feet, at one point texting the trainer to not go forward with the training and instead just observe his sleep habits; they would start sleep training Bo the next night as a family.

The trainer ended up beginning the training as planned, and even stayed the next night, after Katy and her husband had returned home, to make sure their son was on the right track.

And he was.

Katy believes it was some of the “best money” she has ever spent, not only for herself, but for her family, and for her real estate business.

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Unfortunately, going public with her sleep training story brought on many mixed emotions from those who read it:

Katy responded to those reactions by telling ABC News:

“I know that it's controversial for people to sleep train, but for be being a working mom of two, it was just something that I felt strongly about.”

And as Dr. Tanya Altmann, a pediatrician at Calabasas Pediatrics in Calabasas, California, points out:

“What may be right for one family may not be right for another family.”

Katy believes that for her family, it was definitely the right move.