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Note: the social media posts in this article contain foul language that may offend some readers.

Since she began appearing regularly on “Outnumbered” on Fox News, Meghan McCain has gotten a fair bit of attention — but it was something she said on Twitter that drew the ire of Emmy-nominated “Billy on the Street” host Billy Eichner...

McCain, after listening to Meryl Streep's thinly-veiled anti-Trump Golden Globes speech, tweeted:

Eichner quickly responded:

But McCain didn't take it sitting down:

And Eichner doubled down:

And tripled down, taking aim both at McCain...

...and millions of Trump voters to boot:

And then he retreated to his “bubble”:

It got so uncomfortable that fellow television talker Montel Williams jumped in, trying to smooth things over:

Yet, Eichner couldn't resist one last, parting shot:

McCain walked away from the dust-up with a parting shot of her own:

But it wasn't just Eichner — McCain received more than her fair share of hate from other sources as well:

She seemed to take it in stride, saying only this: “Been doing this my whole life, think sending me nasty tweets all day and writing nasty crap is gonna stop me from doing my job? Hilarious.”

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