In an unprecedented move, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) testified against his Senate colleague Jeff Sessions during his attorney general confirmation hearing on Wednesday, suggesting he won’t protect the rights of all Americans.

Booker said Sessions’ record “indicates” he doesn't stand ready to defend the rights of women, gays, immigrants, or all Americans’ voting rights. He also called out the Alabama senator’s record on civil rights.

C-SPAN screenshot

“This demands a more courageous empathy than Sen. Sessions’ record demonstrates,” Booker said. “It demands that understanding patriotism is love of country and love of country demands that we love all of our citizens, even the most marginalized, the most disadvantaged, the most degraded, and the most unfortunate.”

He continued:

“If one is to be attorney general, they must be willing to continue the hallowed tradition in our country of fighting for justice for all, for equal justice, for civil rights. America needs an attorney general who is resolute and determined to bend the arch. Sen. Sessions’ record does not speak to that desire, intention, or will.”

Booker concluded by, of course, urging his colleagues to oppose Sessions' nomination as U.S. attorney general.

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