School District Employee Jokes About Snow Day With a Student on Twitter... And Got Fired for It

| JAN 15, 2017 | 8:42 PM

Katie Nash's job as web experience coordinator for Frederick County Public Schools lasted less than a month.

The mother of two started her job running social media accounts for the Maryland school district in early January according to Fox News.

A large part of her job involved posting updates to the school's Twitter account, and answering any questions students may have via tweet.

On January 5th, a student tweeted at the account:

“Close school tammarow PLEASE.”

She jokingly responded:

“But then how would you learn to spell 'tomorrow'? :)”

The Frederick News-Post reports that the humorous tweet was well-recieved among students, who applauded Nash for her social media prowess:

The tweet was shared more than 1,000 times and students started tweeting #KatieFromFCPS in her honor.

Nathan, the student who sent the original tweet, even said that he thought Katie's tweet was funny.

But the school district wasn't laughing.

The tweet was deleted and Nash's access to the account was revoked.

Liz Barrett, vice president of the school board, told the Frederick News-Post:

“The tweet in question was inappropriate and certainly created a lot of unpleasant responses in terms of other students piling on."

In response, students started trending the hashtag #FreeKatie.

But the punishment got worse.

Nash told Fox News that she was fired on Friday as a result of the tweet.

She said that she didn't expect to get fired over a simple joke:

“As a new employee, I think I sort of would have expected that there would have been some counseling or some suggestions on how to improve."

Many users on Twitter were angered by the school's harsh actions, and offered their support to Nash.

But Nash is anything but bitter. She wrote on her personal Twitter that she's using this as a teaching moment:

“Important for students to see how to rise above. As a mom, trying to be what I would want for my own to see!”

She's thankful to everyone for their support and says she is “nothing but smiles.”

Supporters have started a petition to get the mother rehired. It has over 2,000 signatures so far.