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Image Credit: Flickr CC/Robert Judge

As hundreds of thousands of people visited Washington, D.C., to support and protest the incoming administration, one teacher was working on a lesson plan to teach her second grade class about current affairs.

She decided to draw up a poster that was later posted on Love What Matters on Facebook, and shared more than 57,000 times.

It read:

“Today is a very important day, today is inauguration day! This means that starting today, we will have a new president. His name is Donald Trump and he will live at the White House. However, what happens at your house is very important too!! You can make the world a better place by starting at your house. These are some things that you can do to make the world a better place.”

She listed a number of kind gestures the students could try at home, including celebrating differences. Ending the note on a positive and enduring message:

“And remember: love and kindness rule!!”

Many of people responded on the post, offering words in support of the teacher’s actions:

“Exactly. It starts at home. Raising compassionate, loving, and kind people will change this world more than any ”leader" could.”

"All of this. No matter who is POTUS and whether you like him/her or not, raise your children to be good people. Because, one day one of them will be in that house. And wouldn't the world be an even better place if everyone liked that person.”

“This teacher has it exactly right. Educators are this country's biggest asset and contributors. They mold our children and shape our future. Kudos to this fine educator.”

It looks like we all could use a little more of this kind of homework.

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