Donald Trump Holds Weekend Meetings In Bedminster, NJ

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

On Friday, General James Mattis attended his swearing in ceremony as the 26th Secretary of Defense of the United States.

The ceremony was held at the Pentagon. Shortly after, President Donald Trump signed two new executive orders on defense.

Trump said of the orders, via ABC News:

"First I'm signing an executive action to begin a great rebuilding of the armed services of the United States. Developing a plan for new planes, new ships, new resources, and new tools for our men and women in uniform.

Secondly, I'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America. We don't want them here."

Fox News has more on how the executive order will affect immigration from Muslim nations:

The executive order also suspends visa entry into the U.S. from seven countries that have predominately Muslim populations. They include: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

The order also creates an “extreme vetting” process for any and all immigrants and visitors to the U.S.

The president's action was, however, met with criticism from some.

Since taking office, President Trump has signed six executive orders. In just one week, his predecessor's legacy seems to be falling apart.

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