Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Holds National Security Discussion In Hampton, Virginia

On Thursday, the Trump administration took a hit from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court, which was debating the president's executive order on immigration, ruled to uphold a lower court's decision to suspend the “travel ban.”

In fact, all three judges ruled against Trump.

Following the breaking news, Hillary Clinton decided to take a swing at the president.

The two-time Democratic presidential candidate tweeted:

Then came the reactions to Clinton's tweet.

Her attempts at the White House:

The electoral college results:

Democrats not believing in Hillary anymore:

And some personal shots:

But despite what appeared to be a win for opponents of Trump's executive order, there is still one more hurdle. The president was just as quick as his former rival on the “tweet button,” and he promised a rematch:

And the 9th Circuit court has a history of performing...poorly before the Supreme Court:

Really poorly:

Really, really poorly:

And a few even noted that people in any other profession would be fired if their success rate was so low:

If the case does go all the way to the Supreme Court, it's possible that Justice Scalia's empty seat could be filled before it is decided.

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