Chelsea Clinton Book Signing

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Both during and since the presidential election, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton has joined her mother on Twitter in attacking President Trump and his staff.

She tweeted about her opposition to the president's executive order on immigration:

And her support for Senator Elizabeth Warren, following Warren's removal from the Senate floor over violations of Rule XIX:

But as of Saturday, Clinton was in search of a few new words. One can only guess whether or not her intention was to direct them at political opponents:

Merriam-Webster obliged:

And Clinton offered thanks:

But it didn't end there...

While a number answered with comments about the president and his staff:

The playground-style smackdown came in just two words:

Her mom, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recently tweeted “3-0” in regard to the 9th Circuit denying the reinstatement of the president's executive order—and was handed a similar fate on Twitter last week.

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