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Sally Kohn/Donald Trump

Michael Schwartz, Scott Platt/Getty Images

CNN political contributor Sally Kohn doesn't like President Trump. Period. Kohn on Wednesday laid out a “straightforward” 5-step plan to not only impeach Trump, but to also install her champion — Hillary Clinton — in the Oval Office.

As expected, Twitter was ready.

Washington Free Beacon Executive Editor Sonny Bunch spotted a “minor” problem with Kohn's plan, right off the bat:

Conservative political and communications consultant Liz Mair, hardly a fan of President Trump's, pointed to another “fly in the ointment” with the plan:

And “neontaster” just wanted to know what Pence has done to warrant impeachment:

The fun continued. This Twitter user pointed to the irony of a Kohn election night tweet:

WeaselZippers suggested a one-step plan to Kohn:

Radio show host and Breitbart contributor Ken Webster Jr. informed Kohn that in the event of the impeachment of both Trump and Pence, Paul Ryan would already be president:

And HeatStreet writer Emily Zanotti pointed out how really far off base Kohn's plan is:

There was plenty of ridicule as well, with people offering up plans of their own:

The whole thing finally got to Kohn — she suggested that she was just being sarcastic:

Kohn, who bills herself on her Twitter page as “America's second favorite cable news lesbian,” has slammed Trump and the Republicans for “using gay rights and women's rights as a fig leaf to bash Muslims.”

She was widely ridiculed in August over a tweet in defense of “progressive Muslims” and Sharia law:

“Progressive Muslims” are one thing — but Sharia's treatment of women is another.

Still, Sally Kohn's going to have to come up with a better plan if she hopes to separate Donald Trump from his presidency.

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