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Congresswoman Maxine Waters says she’s teeing up a public hearing to investigate skullduggery by the “Trump Kremlin Clan.”

The congresswoman coined the phrase to call attention to her belief that members of President Donald Trump’s administration have ties to Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin that rise to the level of “impeachable" offenses:

“These are all people with ties to Russia and the Kremlin and so I have named them Trump’s Kremlin Clan, because how is it, that all of them and with this background, with these same connections, end up in the same administration? I tell you, there’s more to be learned about it.... They were involved in his campaign.”

Waters didn’t say what she thinks the impeachable offenses might be, but during the MSNBC program “All In With Chris Hayes,” she said she wanted to investigate until they found something:

“And we’ve got to dig. These investigations have got to show the connection and prove that collusion because for me, I think it leads to impeachment. That’s what I’m paying attention to. [emphasis added]”

Waters has demonstrated a penchant for confusion on this issue. Just last week, while calling for Trump’s impeachment, she claimed that the president was “wrapping his arms” around Putin who is “continuing to advance into Korea.

Putin’s Russian army, in fact, advanced on Crimea in 2014, under President Obama’s administration.

Waters and some Democrats have called for a public investigation, though most of the evidence is classified and therefore would not be available for public consumption.

Just this week, national security adviser, General Mike Flynn, resigned after losing the trust of President Trump over his discussions with the Russian ambassador.

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