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In the last few weeks, news reports have surfaced of illegal immigrants being “rounded up” by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In response to the reports, ICE tweeted earlier this week:

Independent Journal Review spoke to a source in the Secret Service about the alleged “round ups” and reports.

He said:

"We are involved in a joint task force with ICE and HSI. Looking at the roundup and all that, it’s complete propaganda. When Trump signed that executive order, everybody just went crazy.

Now if you look at the Obama administration, Obama actually deported more people than any other president did but ICE’s hands were still tied up with the people they wanted to get deported. The Director of ICE couldn’t put anyone back in Cuba. He couldn’t deport any Cubans because of the Wet Foot Dry Foot law.

And people with petty crimes were not getting deported at all. But what’s happening now, anyone with any charges- they could get pulled over for speeding- you could get deported now."

The source further explained that ICE doesn't even have the manpower or funding to do mass deportations now:

"So that’s being taken into effect. I’ve had a lot of less serious crime cases come across my desk, foreigners with a less serious offense, and it gets back to Homeland Security Investigations, and they say, 'hey let’s bring them up on charges, and let’s get go ahead and get them deported.'

But the big thing with HSI and ICE right now is: they are a billion dollars in the hole. So you’re not going to see anything happening right now.

Budget is passing through the White House next week, so if this gets approved by Congress, and they come one billion out of the hole on top of traditional funding, you’re going to see a lot of deportations taking place. And they’re looking to bring on up to 2,500 agents for ICE and HSI."

He shed light on how Trump's executive order is helping federal law enforcement get rid some illegal immigrants with repeat offenses who couldn't be deported before:

"One big case we are working now, a guy came over in the 1990s illegally; He was charged and convicted, never got deported. But between that time and now, he has one of the longest rap sheets I've ever seen.

There are a lot of people like that the general public doesn’t know about, who we are trying to get because of domestic and international security concerns. A lot of people think, 'oh he’s an immigrant, they want to deport him.' But it’s not like that.

There are a lot of criminals out there that we couldn’t deport before, but we can now. And it’s because of Trump’s executive order, but it’s only in certain jurisdictions."

The source talked more about the threat that illegal immigration can pose:

"We have people pouring in from drug cartels, some of the most dangerous men in the world. They'll kill you without thinking twice.

It's hard to catch people who are undocumented, and there's a whole lot of stuff that happens that they can't solve case-wise on the local law enforcement level, that have been committed by illegal immigrants. There's no trace of them, so how are you supposed to find them during an investigation?"

While the subject of illegal immigration remains a sensitive and controversial issue, the member of the Secret Service made it clear that his main purpose was to make sure that correct information is being shared.

UPDATE: 2/17/2017 at 2:30 PM EST

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