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Westchester County District Attorney

On November 14, 2013, New York father Kenneth Dearden woke up in the early morning to find his pillow covered in blood.

It was a night that would change his life forever.

The confused man had a “searing pain in his jaw" and his wife, former NYPD psychologist Emily Dearden, was nowhere to be seen, according to CBS News.

As his children slept nearby, Kenneth wandered the house in search of his wife. He soon discovered her sprawled on the living room floor. She said that she had been hit in the head and knocked unconscious by an intruder.

But even in his delirious state, he knew his wife was acting strange. The Lower Hudson Journal News reported that the husband saw that his wife had the laundry running and hadn't bothered to check on their sleeping children.

Westchester County District Attorney

Kenneth was eventually taken to nearby Westchester Medical Center where he discovered his injury was much more serious than he expected - he had been shot in the head.

The father quickly went into surgery to have the .22 caliber bullet removed. It had hit him in the jaw, narrowly sparing his life. He was released from the hospital eight days later, according to People.

A year went by with no arrests in the case, but Kenneth had a suspect of his own.

According to The Journal News, the father had long known that his wife had a “lover (with) whom she had been having an on-and-off-again extramarital affair since at least early 2011.”

And Kenneth had suspicions that the shooting may have been an attempt to get him out of the picture so she could enjoy a life with her lover.

He soon filed a lawsuit in which he referred to the night as a “sadistic attack by the adulterous wife on her husband.”

Emily was charged with attempted murder a week after her husband filed the lawsuit, according to People.

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The wife pleaded guilty to the crime last week.

Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino Jr. said she faces up to 15 years in prison, according to CBS News. She will be sentenced on June 7.

Emily's lover, a Texas man named Warren Roudebush, has not been brought up on any criminal charges related to the shooting.

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