Amanda Liston and her husband, Chad, both come from conservative and religious families.

The couple has been in a relationship for eight years and they married when Amanda was only 18 and Chad was 21. Together they have two sons, Atreyu and Cassian.

Amanda explained on TLC's new show, “Brother Husbands,” that the pair considered themselves traditional up to that point:

“We went to the same church, our families were friends with each other, so we kind of had that small town Americana love story—boy meets girl, they get married young, they have kids young. My family life was the definition of traditional.”

That all changed four years after they got married, when Chad met a man named Jeremy. Both Chad and Jeremy worked at the church together and they eventually became best friends.


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According to TLC, as Chad and Jeremy got close, so did Jeremy and Amanda.

Then, Jeremy fell in love with Amanda. He admitted on the show:

“When I first realized that I had feeling for my best friend's wife, I knew that it was just something that I had to deal with. The more time I spent with Amanda, the more I realized what an amazing person she is and I just started to fall in love with her.”

Wanting to come clean to his best friend, Jeremy told Chad that he had feelings for his wife.

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Chad was not expecting this to happen. He revealed on the show:

“I did not expect what [Jeremy] said to come out of his mouth. He understood what Amanda and I were and what our family was—he wanted to join that. It did feel in a lot of ways that my entire foundation had been out from underneath me.”

Chad's reaction, however, wasn't what anyone expected, and it wasn't what he expected either. Instead of lashing out, he found a way to deal with the new love triangle and formed a relationship that included all three of them.

The polyamorist lifestyle that Chad adapted was not something “Christian monogamist” Amanda ever would have imagined for herself.

However, for Amanda, falling in love with Jeremy was easy, and while it “was and still is” scary to fall in love with another man while still being legally married to her first husband, the three of them have been making it work for the last two years.

Amanda is a paralegal for the government and the family's breadwinner while Chad and Jeremy are stay-at-home dads.

The relationship has not been without its challenges.

Because Chad and Amanda have been in a relationship for the last eight years, while Amanda and Jeremy's relationship has only just begun, Jeremy admitted that he often felt insecure and had fears of being left out.

Chad also had his own fears of not being as important to Amanda as he once was with Jeremy now in the picture.

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In order to make sure they both received an equal amount of time with Amanda, the trio began keeping a schedule. One night Amanda sleeps with Chad, the next with Jeremy. On the third night, all three of them sleep in the same bed— with Amanda in the middle.

Shortly after Jeremy joined the family, Amanda became pregnant with triplets.

For the first three months of the triplets' lives, Amanda, Chad, and Jeremy didn't know who the father was, but treated Jeremy as such in order to make him feel like part of the family.

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A paternity test later revealed that Jeremy was, in fact, the father to the three girls— Lilith, Eve, and Sparrow.

While they have been disowned by some family members, Chad's mom has been doing her best to understand her son's current situation. Though she believes the “odds are against them,” she's accepted Jeremy's daughters with Amanda as her own grandchildren.

The trio hopes that by being open about their unique situation, people won't view them as “weird.”


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Amanda said that because they are one of the first to live such a lifestyle, they “are making it up as they go along.”

It's unknown how Amanda, Chad, and Jeremy's relationship is currently doing since filming the show for TLC.

Independent Journal Review reached out to Amanda for comment, but has not yet received a response.

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