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A mom in Homewood, Alabama, was heartbroken when she heard her elderly neighbor, Mr. Frank, had received a nasty letter from some neighbors.

The neighbors asked him to take down his Christmas decorations...and consider moving to a different house.

Kris Griffin decided to do something about it.

In a show of solidarity with Mr. Frank, she put her decorations back February.

Now, reported as many as 30 houses in the neighborhood have put their Christmas lights back up, too.

Griffin told WBRC that after reading the letter, she refused to let someone bully her friend:

“I read the letter and it was extremely rude and disrespectful and I got very upset. The fact that somebody was telling him he had to take them down and telling him that he should remove his flowers and that he should consider moving and all that we just thought it was incredibly and basically amounted to bullying,”


The letter was typed up on a computer and apparently written by a group of concerned homeowners. It read:

“We are a group of your neighbors who are concerned about the appearance of some homes on the street (and property values). We are writing to you to as you to remove your Christmas decorations!! Also, please consider cleaning up your yard and remove the plants along the edge of the yard. It might be in your best interest to consider selling your home so the yard can be properly landscaped and the house torn down (so a new one can be built that is more fitting with the other homes on the street). Thank you.”

According to WIAT, another neighbor down the road received a similar letter asking for her to sell her home and move into a condo. Mr. Frank told that it was his family's home and he had moved there after his mother passed away.

Families in the neighborhood decided not to let one letter represent their view. They sent letters of their own. One kid wrote that he appreciated Mr. Frank's Christmas lights:

“Dear Mr. Frank, I’m sorry that person wrote that note. We do not want you to leave.”


The neighbors aren't sure who wrote the original letter, but many of them don't really care to find out who did.

They are more interested in showing support for their friend and teaching their children that Christmas spirit doesn't have to end in December.

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