Donald Trump Delivers Address To Joint Session Of Congress

On Monday, President Donald Trump signed a new executive order on immigration.

This time around, the order lists six countries instead of the seven that the president's first executive order on the issue named. The countries are Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Libya.

There are a few key differences with the new executive order, according to The Hill:

The new order removes Iraq from the list of Muslim-majority countries from which travel is temporarily banned, avoiding a major diplomatic spat with a key partner in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

It halts all refugee admissions to the U.S. for four months. The previous order, which was blocked by the courts, also contained that provision, but it indefinitely barred refugees from Syria.

The new policy also provides clearer guidance on who is exempt from the ban. It does not affect legal permanent residents of the U.S. or people holding a valid visa at the time it was signed. Dual nationals using a passport from a country not on the list also do not fall under the ban, nor do foreign nationals traveling for diplomatic purposes.

A lot of folks have made it clear that they're still against the new order, though.

Warning: The following tweets contain coarse language that may upset some readers.

The order doesn't go into effect until March 16, but that hasn't stopped people from calling for immediate protests in the U.S.:

The six nations on the travel ban list all have terrorism issues. Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, and Syria are hotbeds for jihadism, while Iran is the #1 state sponsor of terrorism.

President Trump wasn't at the press conference with Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly or Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss the order. But based on the reaction on social media, Trump's administration has an uphill battle ahead of them.

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