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From his patriotic Christmas card to triumphantly arriving at the Department of the Interior on horseback, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke's unique personality is always on display. And in true Ryan Zinke fashion, the secretary did not disappoint during his testimony at a seemingly routine Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing.

During a wide-ranging hearing, Secretary Zinke briefly covered some of the issues that will be prioritized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs under his leadership. Zinke discussed a desire to work closely with Native American governments to address issues with schools on reservations that are overseen by the bureau.

Nothing about the hearing stuck out as out of the ordinary, but something about the secretary's clothing choice sure did.

Initially, Secretary Zinke appeared to be all business on Wednesday:

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

But below the desk he sat at, Zinke's clothing choice revealed something else entirely. Yes, Secretary Zinke's socks were emblazoned with the portrait of America's 40th president, Ronald Reagan:

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

Catching plenty of attention for his sock choice, Secretary Zinke didn't seem to mind:

Getty Images/AFP/Nicholas Kamm

The image on Zinke's socks appears to be based on a famous picture of President Reagan speaking at a rally for Senator David Durenberger in 1982:

Michael Evans/National Archives

The secretary even took to Twitter after the hearing to confirm his choice of socks were a tribute to “The Gipper”:

But bold fashion statements are nothing new for Secretary Ryan Zinke. He turned heads with his outfit choice on his first day of work:


Never change, Secretary Zinke. Never change.

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