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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday warned of new GOP-backed legislation to loosen restrictions on gun “silencers,” calling it a “dangerous mistake.”

However, it took only three tweets for the New York Democrat to show she might need to do a little more research before posing as an expert on the issue:

It was that last tweet that set off gun-owning Americans — and they let her know about it:

A more accurate term is actually “suppressor” because the accessory does not make guns “silent” as Gillibrand’s tweet and some Hollywood films suggest. It does, however, reduce the overall amount of noise and muzzle flash.

To get an accurate understanding, here is a 9mm handgun being fired both with and without a suppressor or “silencer.”

The suppressed 9mm is certainly not “silent.” That's not to say the issue can't and shouldn't be debated before legislation is passed. But those who wish to legislate firearms should probably be well-informed on the issue.

The bill to loosen restrictions on suppressors is titled the Hearing Protection Act, and lawmakers say it's really about protecting the hearing of gun owners who routinely take part in high-volume shooting, such as hunters.

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