Timothy and Candice have always written letters to each other. The Australian couple, who were finally together following years of missed connections and poor timing, used handwritten letters as a way to express their love for one another.

Ann Marie Yuen Photography

As Candice told The Knot's “How He Asked” section, they didn't write letters because they were separated by distance but because it helped them communicate better:

“ ... [W]e just really liked the idea of having our hearts poured out in the form of paper so we have tangible memories to look back to,” she explained.

Little did Candice know the letters would reveal a secret Timothy had been keeping for a long time.

On the morning of December 16, 2015, Candice woke up to a letter beside her with instructions to get dressed and only leave her room once she was fully ready. When she opened the door she found rose petals on the floor.

She said she had a feeling about what was to happen.

When she found Timothy in the living room he had their letters on the table. The couple read each testament to their love aloud, reliving some of their most cherished memories.

That's when Timothy arranged the letters in a particular order to reveal a detail Candice had never noticed before.

At the top of each page was a beautiful, cursive letter beginning the first paragraph. When the 14 pages were arranged into place they spelled out a question for Candice:


“W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E”

It wasn't just the proposal that had Candice in tears, but the young woman had a stunning revelation. The first letter Timothy had ever written to her — a letter with a bold, blue “W” at the top — had been sent only one week after they first started dating.

“ ... which meant that he knew from the start of our relationship that we would be where we are today.”

Candice realized that Timothy had always known he would propose to the girl whose path he kept crossing years before.

Ann Marie Yuen Photography

Ann Marie Yuen, the photographer who captured the special moments of Candice and Timothy's engagement and wedding, told Independent Journal Review that the love the couple shares is special:

“Having spent some time with them planning their wedding you can immediately see the unique love they have for one another.”

And their uniqueness didn't end with a creative marriage proposal, either.

Although the bride told The Knot she is very difficult to surprise because she always finds out somehow, she had no idea that Timothy had another surprise in store for their wedding day.

As Yuen shared on her professional website Ann Marie Yuen Photography, the groom spent months before the wedding composing a song for Candice — which he then performed at their reception.

Ann Marie Yuen Photography

Candice said she is grateful for the gestures of love from her husband. She told The Knot:

“I am so thankful that God sent my now husband into my life — to protect, care and love me just as He does.”

Just beautiful.

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