For three months, Jonathan and Susan Balkin could hear their two-year-old twin boys moving around in the middle of the night.

They tried everything to keep their kids in their cribs, reports NBC 4, from changing out the beds to bolting things to the walls. Finally, they decided to install a camera to keep a close eye on Andrew and Ryan.

Then on March 13, Jonathan and Susan finally figured out what their kids were up to in the middle of the night. (Hint: They weren't sleeping.)

The parents posted a time-lapse of their findings on Facebook where it has since been viewed 11 million times — and for a good reason.

It's hilarious.

Jonathan posted the video with a caption:

“When the parents are away the cubs will play... even if it comes at the expense of sleep.”

Immediately after the video starts, chaos ensues. Circus music is heard in the background as the toddlers toss pillows and each other.

They spend some time rolling around on the pillows like gymnasts, as you do.

Jonathan comes into the room to put the kids back to bed and clean up the mess, but it's useless. Andrew and Ryan just hop right back out and make a new pillow fort.

Then, the kids spend a good amount of time moving all of the pillows to the other side of the room, because — kids.

Both parents come into the room, turn on the lights, and put everything away. You can only imagine what they might've said, as this time the twins decide to sit on the couch and chat.

Then, finally, they crawl back into their cribs and to go sleep.

As it turns out, Jonathan and Susan are not alone in their struggle with bedtime. Many parents posted clever solutions to help keep butts in beds.

Now that thousands of people have left their comments for Jonathan and Susan, perhaps they can find a new solution to help the boys get some sleep at night.

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