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It's not an uncommon practice for people to leave their homes in the trusted hands of electricians, housekeepers, exterminators, and the like.

After all, not everyone has the luxury of being able to take a whole day off of work just to make sure everything runs smoothly back at home.

The same holds true for one San Antonio, Texas, woman, who wishes to remain anonymous.

When AT&T said they had to dig a hole in her backyard — like they have for many other homes in her neighborhood — in order to lay fiber wire, she didn't give it a second thought.

The workers came over on March 15, and she headed to work, trusting that everything would be fine.

Then her security system app on her phone kept going off:

“I have a security system ... that is linked to my phone and alerts me when there is someone in whatever the areas is of the camera. My indoor camera kept going off repeatedly, which means my dog was going bananas.”

She added:

“I knew they were working in the backyard today so I opened the live video and BAM.”

What she saw was two grown men, the contractors, in the middle of a brawl that she called “the sissiest fight I've ever seen.”

Screenshot/Independent Journal Review

She said she couldn't believe what she was watching unfold in real-time:

“Honestly, I couldn't tell if they were playing around and wrestling or what. Then I saw some sissy hair pulling and thought, 'Oh no way! This is for real!' Two grown men rolling around pulling hair like a bunch of sissy pants.”

She said the “show” was too good not to share, so she ran over and showed her coworkers what was happening in her backyard:

“We watched it live for a good minute until they tuckered out. All four of us girls were dying laughing asking one another, 'Are they really fighting, what is this? What's happening? OH, HE PULLED HIS HAIR THEY ARE FIGHTING...KINDA...'”

Screenshot/Independent Journal Review

Then, reality sunk in ... this was a problem.

The woman then texted her husband, asking him to call AT&T to let them know what had just happened. They also sent the security camera video to AT&T.

Turns out, these two men in the quarrel didn't work for AT&T directly:

“These guys were contracted out ... I don't know the actual company name. They're just contracted to do the work for AT&T and when they're finished, they go back to where they came from.”

The woman said AT&T was very helpful and apologized for the blunder:

“Ultimately, it's not AT&T's fault that this contracted company has fools working for them.”

Screenshot/Independent Journal Review

The woman's neighbor heard the two men fighting in the front yard and looked out the window and saw them pushing each other.

According to the neighbor, the boss broke up the front yard fight and “put one man in the truck and the other outside.”

They didn't finish the job.

That evening, the woman said AT&T came out and did a walk-through of her backyard and to check on the progress that was made and what work was still left to do:

“They were very nice and had them finish the job that wasn't done after the sissy slapping brawl. Ultimately, AT&T did a great job responding to the issue and made us feel good about how it will be handled.”

The woman said the boss of the contracted company came and finished the job himself:

“I do think it's extremely funny, but I also see that this project has taken an extremely long time (months) to complete and now I see why. They didn't hurt anything but themselves and their careers. I did notice one of them stepped in some dog s***, so maybe they'll need a new pair of shoes.”

Screenshot/Independent Journal Review

Now that the dust has settled, the woman said her friends and family were entertained by the footage.

“Unbelievable and weird ... the fight was pretty much in slow-mo. Honestly, how can you fight someone at such a slow speed?”

She said there's a lesson she learned from this experience:

“You never know what people are doing when they think they aren't being watched.”

Then added:

“There are grown men out there that still fight by pulling hair and biting.”

Screenshot/Independent Journal Review
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