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White House communications spokeswoman Omarosa Manigault says protesters are forcing her to change her wedding plans.

Omarosa told Fox and Friends that protesters are apt to do anything to upset her upcoming wedding because they already have:

"I gave my final sermon a couple weeks ago and there were protesters there so we’ve had to make some adjustments.”

CBS News reports that an organized protest occurred outside the Los Angeles church where Omarosa was delivering her last sermon:

The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers, Local 36, and other labor groups — gathered to protest outside Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Boyle Heights while she gave her last sermon. “It’s antagonistic to bring a member of the Trump Administration into this neighborhood that is disproportionately affected by Trump’s executive orders,” demonstrator Keyanna Celina said.

The East Sider in LA reports that Omarosa had been assistant pastor at the church since since 2011.

Recently, the former “Apprentice” reality star turned Trump aide, was shopping for bridesmaids dresses in the D.C. area with her wedding party when she was stalked by a couple of protesters.

And she told Fox and Friends it looks like they’ll have to change-up some wedding plans:

“... [We’ve made] some adjustments in our wedding plans because ... there is no limit to what these people might do.”

The Trump aide is marrying Florida Pastor John Allen Newman of Calvary Church but where may be up in the air.

She told Fox and Friends that it’s less about her than Trump, but “if they get to me, they get to him.”

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