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On March 17, four children in Ohio missed their early morning wake-up call.

One of the children woke up on his own and realized that his mother and father, Courtney and Brian Hayle, had not come to wake him up to get ready for school. According to NBC News, the boy went into his parent's room and found their lifeless bodies.

The child called 911 after he found his parents, telling the Dayton-area dispatcher that his parents were not breathing in their bed. His three sisters were heard crying in the background during the tragic phone call.

NBC News reported that Brian and Courtney's son described what his parents looked like to the dispatcher:

“They were very cold.”

His sisters said their father was “pale and there was black lines all over his face.”


Fox 6 reports that drug use by the couple is being investigated as the cause of death.

Centerville Police Department spokesman, John David, said drug paraphernalia were found in the home. Preliminary autopsy results also indicated that their deaths may have come from an accidental drug overdose of fentanyl or heroin, according to the director of the Montgomery County Corner's Office, Ken Betz.

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Courtney's mother, Nancy Casey, doesn't believe that drugs were a problem in the couple's lives. She told NBC News:

“I don't know if they decided they were going to party, or went and they got a hold of this bad stuff going around town. I had this dreadful feeling all day. Something was off with her and something was off with him.”

Casey also made it clear that her daughter shouldn't be looked at as an “addict or low-life.” Casey did reveal that her daughter was diabetic and suffered from depression.

Brian was a pilot for Spirit Airlines for over nine years; he flew for the last time on March 10. Spirit Airlines said of the situation:

“Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and colleagues of Captain Hayle.”

The airline added Brian had never failed a drug test in the past, but the spokesperson declined to comment on when he was last drug tested.

A full investigation into the deaths of 34-year-old Courtney and 36-year-old Brian is still underway.

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