Despite Being 'Pulled off the Air' at Fox, Judge Napolitano Says He's Still in Running for SCOTUS Nom

| MAR 26, 2017 | 4:28 PM

Jim Watson/Getty Images

Judge Andrew Napolitano has been the subject of much speculation lately.

Considered a strong favorite for a Supreme Court nomination even before President Trump was elected, Napolitano found himself in the hot seat over Trump's recent “wiretapping” claims.

Napolitano, who often appears on Fox News as a judicial analyst, suggested on several occasions that British intelligence was part of the alleged surveillance of the president during the campaign and the transition — something that sources in the UK categorically denied.

Shortly thereafter, the rumors began to swirl — multiple sources claimed that Napolitano had been suspended from Fox News. Then Napolitano brought the network into it, saying that he had gotten the information from a source inside the network.

Despite the fact that Napolitano does not appear to be under any “official” suspension, the LA Times reports that Napolitano has been “removed from the air indefinitely.”

In spite of all of that, Napolitano insists that he's still “on Trump's List.”

Politico reported:

People familiar with the president’s thinking dismissed the idea that Napolitano is being considered for a Supreme Court nomination. “The president already has a list of highly qualified contenders for future SCOTUS openings, and Judge Napolitano is not on it,” said a person close to the White House.

Since the Gorsuch nomination, Napolitano has continued to maintain that he is in the running for a seat, telling a colleague that Trump promised him the next Supreme Court seat “if I get another one.”

But Gorsuch has yet to be confirmed, and the number of Supreme Court seats President Trump will have the opportunity to fill still remains to be seen.