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A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton announced that she was ready to come “out of the woods.” Now, she's back in the spotlight for good, sporting a hefty leather jacket no less, after losing to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Speaking at a diversity conference in San Francisco, Clinton began her speech with a joke about the seemingly heartbreaking loss:

"I am thrilled to be out of the woods and in the company of so many inspiring women...And there’s no place I’d rather be than here with you — other than the White House.

Obviously the outcome of the election wasn't the one I hoped for, worked for, but I will never stop speaking out for common sense benefits that will allow moms and dads to stay on the job."

Unlike her last public appearance, where she seemed to avoid any kind of political talk, Clinton came out swinging at the Trump administration. She even blasted Sean Spicer for his heated exchange with reporter April Ryan:

“April Ryan, a respected journalist with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon in the White House press room when she was patronized and cut off trying to ask a question.”

Clinton slammed many of the Trump administration's moves so far, including the GOP's health care bill that has been championed by the president himself.

“Really? Take away maternity care? Who do these people talk to?”

The former presidential candidate also praised those who stood up and spoke out against Republicans at town halls across the country:

“People who had never been active in politics told their stories at town hall meetings. They were people who had something to say and were determined to be heard.”

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Her big message to the crowd? “Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

Clinton urged the crowd to stand up and fight for their rights in the face of the Trump presidency and push for diversity in the male-dominated tech companies of San Francisco.

You can watch her whole speech in the video below:

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