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As Americans, we come from a melting pot of cultures and therefore thrive on discovering new ways of life.

We travel to Paris to eat croissants.

Independent Journal Review/Jenni Fink

And Egypt, so we can see the wonders of the world.

Independent Journal Review/Jenni Fink

On any given day, social media sites are filled with photos of Americans in Greece, South Africa, China, and countless other foreign lands. However, it seems the most foreign of these lands isn't across the ocean — it's a few states from the coast.

Cue Fox 5's new “foreign correspondent,” Jeff Houghton. In a video by Circa News, the Missouri late-night talk show host has brought everything you love about international reporting to the midwest.

The segment opens to dramatic “Dateline-esque” music and Houghton's byline of “not reporting from a tragedy, election, or tragic election” appears on the screen.


With “very few reporters assigned to the area,” he has risen to the challenge and remained dedicated in sending reports back from this “foreign land.” Like all good foreign corespondents, he informs viewers where he is reporting from.

Image Credit: Giphy/Circa News

According to Houghton, “America's torso” consists of 12 states, and he offers a shocking revelation to Americans on the coast:

“There's actually a diversity of people here and I'm told they've actually chosen to live here.”

Contrary to popular belief, the midwest is not all farmland. The “foreign correspondent” gives viewers a sample of some of the many cities it has to offer.

Image Credit: Giphy/Circa News

Editor's Note: At the time of publication Independent Journal Review could not verify the exact location of Cornopolis.

Sure, America “disregards” the midwest, but Houghton seems to think on the first of the month Californians may be singing a different tune.


As he stood on a vast piece of land in one shot of the video, he said:

“This costs half as much as a studio apartment in San Francisco ... and you can frolic in it.”

While midwesterners are often thought of as being “slower” than the rest of the country, it turns out that with the “internet,” they find out information at the same time.

In case you missed the beginning of the segment, Houghton's hilarious video ends with a reminder of where he's been reporting from.

Image Credit: Giphy/Circa News

There's one stereotype about the midwest that the “midwest foreign correspondent” couldn't refute, but you'll have to watch the video to find out which one it is.

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