Much like the United States, India shares its massive borders with a number of countries, notably Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In the west, India shares a treacherous and highly disputed 1,800-mile stretch with Pakistan and, to the east, over 2,500 miles with Bangladesh.

In total, India shares over 8,000 miles of border territory with six individual nations:

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While the Indo-Pakistani border has produced some seemingly silly and fun traditions, such as the over-the-top closing of the border ceremony, it has also been a source of nearly constant bloodshed since their independence from Great Britain in 1947.

As you can see, they take these things seriously:

India and Pakistan have fought against each other in four wars, including one that was undeclared, and nearly countless numbers of border skirmishes and fights.

This border is such a concern for India that it installed 150,000 flood lights on 50,000 poles. It is so bright that it can be seen from space:

India has also had numerous issues and clashes with Bangladesh on the border over the years, but none have resulted in full-scale war.

With all that being said, India seems to be taking a page out of President Donald Trump's book. It is planning on building border walls to help seal itself off from the two other nations.

According to CNN, Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed the county's dedication to building walls between Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

"We have decided to seal the border between India and Bangladesh as quickly as possible. I know that some obstacles may arise in this work, as some areas are mountainous, some have jungles, and others have rivers.

We will also work as quickly as possible to seal the border between India and Pakistan."

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If built, there would have to be a combined length of nearly 5,000 miles. For comparison, the United States-Mexico border is approximately 1,989 miles.

India claims that despite having 90 percent of the border fenced, terrorists, narcotics, and illegal immigrants still flood the country. Alas, there was no mention of Pakistan or Bangladesh footing the bill.

While Trump's wall has been a hugely debated topic over the past year, developing nations such as India seemingly have no problem with sealing their borders from what they deem dangerous to their own nation. The biggest challenge will be actually building it, despite having over 250,000 available troops as a part of the Border Security Force.

The terrain is mountainous, treacherous, and difficult to maintain. Time will tell if these walls will keep India safer in the future.

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