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Former “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” star Jon Gosselin has had a rough couple of years.

When it originally aired, the show was a massive hit — pulling 10 million views per episode.

But that all came crumbling down for Jon when he split from his wife, Kate Gosselin, in a messy divorce in 2009.

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Soon enough, he was mocked online after photos surfaced of him working at TGI Fridays. Though he later claimed it was for charity.

And last year he claimed that his ex-wife was preventing him from seeing some of his children for more than a year-and-a-half.

Then, just last week, fans and media alike were shocked after Jon Gosselin seemed to announce he was making his stripping debut on April 1.

The former reality star confirmed he would be performing as a “male entertainer” at Dusk Night Club in New Jersey, and posted this teaser for “Jon Gosselin Untamed”:

The decision seemed like a shocking move for the dad — but joke's on us.

Jon Gosselin didn't actually strip at the show, according to ET Online.

The star danced to hits like Justin Timberlake's “Sexy Back,” but was fully-clothed throughout the performance.

According to to Jon Gosselin, he pulled the prank in order to “mess with the media” and says that he “broke the internet.”


He later posted a video on Facebook to explain himself:

"I've been under media scrutiny for a good part of my life, and with filming and the media, it's an editor's decision how I'm portrayed. When it comes to the media, some are worse than others.

So why did I do this? Because I wanted to give myself the best 40th birthday present ever. I wanted my family and friends to be there, and why not have a huge party in an amazing venue?"

But the move shouldn't exactly have come as a surprise if fans looked at the date...

It was April Fool's Day. Jon Gosselin said he couldn't believe people fell for the joke:

“Stripping?! Who said I was stripping? I'll tell you who said I was stripping. Some of the media said I was going to take my clothes off based upon a flyer. April 1st? April Fool's Day? Where did they get stripping? Oh, I get it. Men Untamed. Men Untamed is a choreographed male burlesque show, not a strip club.”

Fans on Facebook weren't bitter — most seemed to get a kick out of the reality star's prank. They wrote:


Jon Gosselin said he donated a portion of the proceeds from the “burlesque show” to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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