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It seems that no matter who the president of the United States is, no matter what political party they are affiliated with, they seem to love golf.

Although, the only thing they like to do more than golf is talk about how much other presidents spend time golfing.

Just take our current president, for example:

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In the past, Trump has tirelessly commented on how much President Obama was golfing:

Trump wasn't commenting without reason when he referenced Obama's golfing. The former POTUS played 333 rounds of golf during his two terms, according to The Independent.

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While Obama may have loved to hit the course, it turns out that President Trump is well on his way to beating Obama for most rounds of golf while in office, according to CNN.

According to reports, within the first 11 weeks of office, Trump has already hit the course 16 times.

Obama never picked up the sticks until April 26 of his first term in office. But he sure picked up the pace from there on.

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Trump has been to quite a few golf course in the country since taking office, playing not only near the White House but a course near his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

And from the looks of it, people have noticed:

While Trump may love to play the old time game, if he wants to break the record for most golf ever played in office then he is going to have to do some serious playing.

That title goes to President Woodrow Wilson who played over 1,000 rounds between 1913 and 1921.

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