In addition to his recently acquired gig as White House press secretary, most Americans are aware that Sean Spicer spent the years prior as a Republican media operative and strategist.

And then someone let it slip that the press secretary was once the White House Easter Bunny...

What many may not realize, despite the fact that it was mentioned when he was first tapped to be President Donald Trump's press secretary, is that Spicer has had a second job for nearly two decades.


Fox News reports:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reported, in uniform, to the Pentagon Friday to fulfill his U.S. Navy Reserve duty, a White House official told Fox News.

Spicer reported to fulfill his duty at the Joint Chiefs of Staff offices, a White House official told Fox News. The well-known spokesman holds the rank of commander — which sits just under the higher rank of captain in the Navy.

Spicer, who joined the Navy Reserve nearly 20 years ago while maintaining his primary work as a Republican media operative and strategist, also possesses a master's degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College.

Spicer serves the U.S. Navy as a public affairs officer — a job that may often include similar duties to his current White House position.

The Military Times explains:

In the past, Spicer has worked as a media planner in joint exercises in Guam, Germany and Sweden, along with overseeing media coverage of Navy operations in at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

The Military Times also noted that Spicer was just one in a long list of military service members and veterans who had been selected to be a part of the Trump administration.

That list included (but was not limited to) Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Army), Energy Secretary Rick Perry (Air Force), Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (Navy SEAL), and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (Navy) — not to mention Secretary of Defense James “Chaos” Mattis (Marine Corps).

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