Mike Huckabee

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Technology has largely made our lives much more comfortable. We can now watch television without suffering through commercials and browse the internet without having to remain tethered to the wall.

So having internet and cable in your home is a wonderful thing ... until it doesn't work — which is what former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) learned on Monday.

In a four-part tweet spree, he unleashed a fury on Comcast that showed politicians are just like the rest of us.

First, he wondered if Comcast was equal to United Airlines and speculated that maybe a tin can and string would be better:

While we don't know what the exact problem was, according to his tweet, Comcast missed an appointment to fix a problem it caused. So the incessant waiting seemed to especially bother the former governor:

Fortunately, Huckabee found an organization he can turn to if he wants better service:

His entire rant was hilarious, but it was the last tweet of the four-part Twitter session that had the biggest name drop of them all:

Comcast responded to his fourth tweet and asked the former governor to direct message it with his account number.

There have been no updates since that ominous final tweet, so the American public remains waiting with bated breath to find out if Comcast ever fixed Huckabee's service.

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