During a monthly meeting on the subject of the Middle East, United States Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley excoriated the United Nations Security Council on Thursday. According to Times of Israel, the meeting was titled “the Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question.”

Ambassador Haley took issue with the council's desire to focus mainly on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while largely ignoring the multitude of other issues occurring in the Middle East. “Every month the Security Council convenes a meeting on the Middle East," said Haley as she began her critique of the UN body. Continuing, Haley said:

“We have lots of meetings on specific countries and conflicts in this region but this debate is our opportunity to talk about the Middle East as a whole. Regrettably, these monthly meetings routinely turn into Israel-bashing sessions. That’s the way the Security Council has operated for years. It’s a formula that is absurdly biased against one country. It’s a formula that is painfully narrow in its description of the conflicts in the region.”

Haley also implored the Security Council to take a closer look at Iran and the proxy wars the country engages in through backing of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. Hezbollah has been labeled a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” by the State Department since 1997. Additionally, the State Department has designated Iran as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” since 1984.

“Iran is using Hezbollah to expand its regional aspirations. That is a threat that should be dominating our discussions at the Security Council,” Haley said.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon seemed receptive of Haley's statement and followed by offering his own criticism of Iran. “Where there is terror, where there is death, there is Iran,” Danon said. He elaborated:

“Tehran is an accomplice in the atrocities taking place every single day in Syria. The Iranian proxy Hezbollah places its weapons in homes, mosques and hospitals in Lebanon, and in Gaza, Hamas has spent millions of Iranian dollars on rockets, guns and digging terror tunnels.”

According to Times of Israel, while some members of the Security Council appeared to follow Haley's lead by discussing other issues in the region, Russia, Sweden, and France devoted most of their time to discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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