John W. “Jack” Bergman (R-MI) has been representing Michigan's 1st Congressional District since 2016. A retired 3-Star (Lieutenant) General in the U.S. Marine Corps, Bergman owns the distinction of being the highest-ranking military officer ever to serve in Congress.

In addition to his military service, Bergman has flown commercial airplanes for Northwest and boasts on his social media pages that he is the proud grandfather to eight grandchildren.

Bergman is also a devout Christian — something he has never been shy about expressing to his constituents — so it wasn't at all strange that, during a town hall in Gaylord, he invited Dr. Derek Hagland (Assistant Pastor at Grace Baptist Church) to open with a prayer.

But as a spokesperson for Rep. Bergman told Independent Journal Review, that's when the trouble began ...

A small group of Democratic activists — several wearing the pink “pussy hats” that were made popular during recent protests — interrupted the prayer, shouting “separation of church and state!”

The shouting continued throughout the prayer, tapering off only as the pastor said “Amen.”

The town hall held Wednesday evening was live-streamed, and had opened with prayer — a fact that may have inspired the activists to come out and protest Thursday's event.

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