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“Live!” host Kelly Ripa was blindsided last year when her co-host, Michael Strahan, left the talk show for “Good Morning America.”

Ripa found out about the dramatic departure roughly the same time the public did, taking her by complete surprise.

Happy early #birthday @MichaelStrahan! #KellyandMichael #MichaelStrahan

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But the 46-year-old surprised fans Sunday with an announcement that she had filled the vacant co-host position and would introduce him or her on Monday.

Ripa posted a series of tweets teasing the news, all of which featured a mug that read “Live! With Kelly & ?”

The first of the tweets read, “We're going to need a bigger mug.”

Rumors quickly started swirling, as many tried to predict who the new “Live!” host would really be.

Then, CNN reported that former “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest had been chosen for the role, citing two anonymous sources.

The choice probably seemed like a natural fit for Seacrest, who already hosts his own radio show and a number of red carpet specials for NBC Universal's E! network.

And when the big moment came on Monday, Ripa confirmed the news:

As the crowd roared, Ripa introduced Seacrest as the newest member of “Live!”

After making his big entrance, Seacrest said he's ready for a “busy year.” The two sat down for the first time and exchanged some excited — if slightly nervous — words:

Well, Ripa may seem excited to have a new host by her side, but social media users haven't been quite so enthusiastic.

After watching the two host together for the first time, many feel that Seacrest isn't quite the right choice for “Live!”

Some feel that Seacrest is “boring,” while others complain that he's already all over media:

Regardless of how fans feel, it seems that Seacrest is planning to stick around for the long haul.

Time will tell how that plays out.

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