Bill Maher

Anyone who has watched Bill Maher's HBO show “Real Time,” is acutely aware of the comedian's crude sense of humor.

Maher goes after anyone and everyone he feels he can make fun of in his not-safe-for-work style.

On Friday night, Maher went after Ivanka and President Donald Trump, and he went way too far.

In a discussion with New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman, Maher brought up how he thought Ivanka was going to be the “saving grace” of the Trump administration.

“When he is about to f***** nuke Finland or something, she's going to walk into the bedroom,” said Maher.

Then the comedian made an explicit motion with his hand about how Ivanka would convince Trump to not go through the hypothetical scenario of nuking a country.

Earlier this week, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert found himself in the crossfire after making a joke about how Trump's mouth was only fit for Putin's genitals. On Saturday, CNN's Michael Smerconish made it a point to address Colbert's joke and how “crass” it was.

As it seems people are starting to say enough when it comes to comedians vs. Trump.

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