CNN's John King did not mince words while discussing President Donald Trump's Monday morning tweet about Sally Yates's upcoming congressional testimony.

“I used to cover the courts a lot,” he said. “A lawyer would call that witness intimidation.”

CNN colleague Dana Bash chimed in by saying, “Completely!” before adding, “from the President of the United States!”

Yates will be testifying (watch live here) about a conversation that she had with White House Counsel Donald McGahn about Michael Flynn. Yates reportedly explained that Flynn could potentially be subject to Russian blackmail and, as such, should not be appointed National Security Adviser.

On CNN, Bash continued with her comments about Trump:

“Look, I think that we have all been kind of desensitized in some ways to his tweets and to his statements that are so out of the norm. This is beyond out of the norm. This is inappropriate. For the president of the United States to be this aggressive with somebody who used to work for him, who's coming before the United States Congress in sworn testimony hours later is beyond the pale. It just is.”

“Look, we've seen this in the Comey hearings, we've seen this in other hearings,” King replied. “The White House can send word up to its Republican friends on Capitol Hill: 'Make sure you push her on this, make sure you push her on that.' But to go public like this is striking.”

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