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Fans of TLC's “Little People, Big World” may have noticed that the youngest member of the Roloff clan, Jacob Roloff, hasn't made an appearance on the show in roughly two years.

And while rumors swirled that the reason Jacob was no longer a part of the show was because he was feuding with his family, recent pictures show that's just not true:

However, a blog post Jacob wrote in February may have revealed the real reason he is no longer a part of the show.

He wrote:

I was on camera almost every day for at least 13 years. [...] For a comparison in time as well as attitude, Kylie Jenner and I have been on TV for about the same time. Obviously, her situation is on a bit of a larger scale, and she continues to take part.

What's wild to me about kids growing up on TV is that it's a complete experiment. There's no precedent or research on the long term effects of such an experiment, yet we keep gambling. I luckily got out of the cycle. I've always been partial to not doing the show on the basis of such inward questions as, “Why me? Why, among all the billions of people, or millions of kids growing up have I been chosen by the Ultimate to live this life?”

The now-20-year-old went on to say that the people who star in “Little People, Big World” aren't who the Roloffs really are, but rather they are “created character” versions of themselves.

He explained further:

Filming is the raw material, production is when they create a story. Obviously I was a brat sometimes, which would be abnormal if I wasn't, but Created Character Jacob from Little People Big World was a brat in totality. Not just simply acting bratty, like normal; production redefined his humanhood to Brat. They did the same tricks with my whole family. I posted once that, "the family that is filmed is not my family. They are the Roloff Characters." [...]

Obviously what I meant was that the Characters everyone sees on TV are merely the product of a group of folks in LA editing raw footage into a story that sells. Dad: Creative; Mom: Controlling; Zach: Angry; Molly: Smart (okay that one is on point); Jeremy: Adventurous; and Myself: Brat.

Jacob then used an example of how the show sometimes rehashed things that had already happened in their lives in order to have them in the show.

The example the youngest Roloff used was when his parents, Matt and Amy, were first discussing the possibility of divorce. He wrote:

In the scene they were supposed to be discussing some serious matter, I don't know, I was just outside the room. I remember though that the scene they were doing was inherently staged and fake. Whatever discussion they were acting out had already happened in real life, so this was at best a rehashing. When they came out though, I saw tears in my mom's eyes and I suddenly realized that this staged “joke,” “fake” thing was effecting real life in a profound way.

All of these examples, and then some, are possibly why Jacob is no longer a part of the show.

However, that isn't stopping Jacob from giving fans a glimpse into his life now.

Last week, Jacob and girlfriend Isabel premiered the first installment their YouTube web series.


A post shared by Jacob Roloff (@jacobroloff45) on

The video blog will document their time during a three-week road trip around the Pacific Northwest:

“These videos are going to be kind of a mix of dog life, travel life, just talking and stuff. We'll pretty much just show you scenery and tell you what we're doing that day or something, and then also talks and stuff while we're driving.”

The difference between this video blog and his family's reality television show is that Jacob will have complete creative control of production.

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