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Jack Smith/Twitter

Kekistani forces were surrounded by Anti-FA rebels in an ongoing battle between the feuding groups at Boston commons on Saturday.

No reported casualties, but the standoff resulted in spirited chanting and what appeared to be the 19th century equivalent of a “rap battle” when the Anti-FA rebels reportedly invoked the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” to vanquish their adversaries.

Jack Smith of Mic captured live action footage of the conflict:

The far-right Kekistanis mostly showed impeccable rank discipline, as their adversaries baited them into violent conflict:

In a scene that might have been pulled from the Mel Gibson film “Braveheart” — stopping just short of baring their backsides at their foes — forces gathered from the Republic of Kekistan (a reference by diehard Trump supporters and white nationalists to The Cult of Kek).

“It” got real when the North Shore Anti-FA showed up:

The conflict reached a fever pitch as chants of “USA!” broke out:

Pepe the Frog, freshly disavowed by its creator as a hate symbol, was brought into it:

The Boston Police eventually showed up to make arrests. Tim Pool, who ran a stream of the conflict, claimed hours into the rally that a man “in a Trump hat” punched a woman.

The standoff is just another page in the ongoing battle between hardcore Trump supporters and their Anti-FA adversaries.

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