Trump: TV Media 'Don't Treat Us Well' in Spite of 'Free Ratings'

| MAY 13, 2017 | 11:47 PM

Jeanine Pirro's interview with President Donald Trump on Fox News was, like most Trump interviews, newsworthy in a few ways. Airing on Saturday night's edition of “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Fox had already sent out preview clips and a transcription, with one quote specifically sticking out that's stayed relatively under the radar.

During the portion of the interview where Trump broached the idea of dropping the daily White House Press Briefing, he went on a bit of a tangent about the media:

“I'll tell you what, they'll be very unhappy, because the ratings are so high that I don't know what these networks are going to do.  They're going to start to cry." [Pirro: "Let me ask you this, Mr. President..."] They get free ratings because of me, and yet they don't treat us well.”

As a transcript, without the video available as of yet, it's not possible to determine the tone yet with 100% accuracy. Trump's history, though, as well as his insistence on interrupting Pirro, may indicate that he wasn't necessarily kidding about the idea of a quid pro quo over boosting TV news audiences.

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