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It was a simple photo of a special moment between a father and his young daughter. But this particular image, shared on Twitter, drew a lot of criticism.

Most of it revolved around First Son Donald Trump, Jr. holding his young daughter with a bottle in her mouth:

The critics had an issue with her having a bottle at her age and a debate ensued:

Despite the sweetness of the photo, did the bottle critics have a valid point?

The Daily Mail reported that Don Jr. and Vanessa Trump's youngest child, Chloe Sofia, was born on June 16, 2014.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the bottle-weaning process is one that should begin slowly at one year of age, introducing the child to a cup at midday, then eventually substituting the cup for morning and evening bottles:

Getting your child to give up his bottle can be challenging, but the AAP recommends weaning before 18 months of age. Otherwise, prolonged bottle use can cause tooth decay and may encourage your child to drink much more milk than he needs.

Pediatrician and mother of two children, “Dr. Mom” Melissa Arca confessed in 2011 that her first child still took morning and evening bottles at 23 months of age. She also noted that children don't always behave according to textbooks:

...we all know that children don’t read our books or always acquiesce to our imposed timelines. Here’s my take on the age issue: take these recommendations with a grain of salt. Some children will easily go from bottle to cup by age 1. Others? They’ll be approaching their second birthday and still have a bottle of milk two times per day.

In the midst of all the criticism of the photo of Don Jr. with Chloe and a bottle, there was some support, many just appreciating the tender moment between father and child.

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