On Thursday morning, Time magazine revealed its newest cover.

A video tweet began with the White House:

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Then superimposed Moscow's famed St. Basil's Cathedral above it:

Here's the full effect:

But long-running satire publication Mad Magazine thought that Time's new cover looked a little bit familiar...

Mad Magazine suggested that Time might have ripped off their December 2016 cover, which showed the White House with the minarets of St. Basil's placed on the roof.

But it turns out Mad Magazine wasn't first, either...

But what day in November? Because this happened, too:

But since both Mad Magazine (via DC Entertainment) and Time Magazine are owned by Time Warner, it's possible that Mad's dig was a joke intended as a publicity bump for both publications.

As far as the others are concerned, however, it just appears to be a case of several people coming up with the same idea.

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