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Between the “phony” Washington Post, “ratings starved” CNN, and the “sad” New York Times, Americans have likely gotten used to President Donald Trump's tweets about the media.

On Thursday night, however, it was the White House director of social media himself, Dan Scavino Jr., who took aim at the media and one reporter, in particular.

In what was — as Mediaite notes — a “relatively unusual” move, Scavino lashed out at CNN host Don Lemon and his “hate”:

While it's not clear exactly what set Scavino off, Lemon did spend a significant portion of his Thursday night show reacting to Trump's assertion that the Russia investigation was nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

At one point, Lemon and his panel compared it directly to the Watergate scandal, noting that President Richard Nixon also said that there was a “witch hunt” going on at the time:

Scavino has singled out Lemon in the past, specifically over the revelation that former CNN contributor Donna Brazile leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton's campaign:

And in more general criticism:

For what it's worth, Lemon has launched some harsh criticism against Trump in the past, as well.

In early March, for example, the CNN host suggested that “people can’t believe the words that come out of” President Trump's mouth, adding:

"There are some Americans who simply cannot trust President Trump because he is a serial liar. [...]

Basically we are making excuses for people who are divorced from reality. I know that’s hard to hear, but it’s the truth."

Though Scavino's social media jab at Lemon might stand out, it certainly pales in comparison to what the president said about the network barely a week before.

During an interview with Time magazine, President Trump said that “entire CNN platform” is “like a boiler ready to explode” with “hatred,” specifically calling Lemon “perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting.”

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